Références gagnants de la Green Card

Plus de 19.000 gagnants sont la preuve vivante que le rêve de vivre et travailler aux États-Unis peut devenir réalité. Découvrez nos gagnants qui ont obtenu une Green Card grâce à nous.

Témoignages de nos gagnants de la Green Card:

Family B.
Hurra!! Our Green Cards are here and we couldn't be happier to have won in the Green Card Lottery after only 2 trys. Now we can start a new life in the USA. Thank you The American Dream for the best support and information. Thank you!
Familie B., Green Card winners from Germany
Stefanie J.
Finally we received our GreenCards ! A big THANK to the American Dream Team. With your help we coped every administrative obstacle. All the best and: Florida, here we are !!!
Stefanie J., Green Card winner from Bayern, Germany
Stefanie J.
Margaret N.
It was the most happiest moment of my life because I never thought I would win. This is a miracle. God bless you, American Dream and God bless America !
Margaret N., Green Card winner from Kenya
Andrea & Bernhard S.
It worked the fourth time! With the great information in information package and guide from THE AMERICAN as well as the people in the forum, we successfully completed our Green Card applications. We actived our Green Cards in June 2010 and want to live in Arizona. Thank you so much!
Andrea & Bernhard S., Green Card winners from Germany
Andrea & Bernhard S.
Philipp K.
Dear TAD Team, Herewith I would like to thank you for the support on my way to become a green carder holder. Due to conversations with my friends I know that a lot of them would like to participate in the green card lottery, but were always afraid of the lottery not being real or of untrustworthy agencies offering the green card service. To all of the people who are still searching for a reliable and serious service provider, I would recommend The American Dream with all my heart. I did win the green card by just playing the lottery twice and have been advised by The American Dream until I was able to hold the green card in my hands. So far I am pretty busy preparing the move to the USA as you may be able to see on my picture. With best regards from Vienna….
Philipp K., Green Card winner from Austria
Joerg N.
Hello dear TAD Team, I can finally hold my Green Card and say that my dream has come true. Thank you so much for the great support and all the best!
Joerg N., Green Card winner fromHamberge
Joerg N.
Verena K.
Die Greencard kam gerade zur rechten Zeit, und gleich beim 1. Versuch! Ich hatte sie bereits 3 Wochen nach der Aktivierungsreise in den Haenden. Das mit der SSN war ein wenig muehsamer, und nachdem es dann auch problemlos mit dem US Fuehrerschein geklappt hat, bin ich nun ein 'vollwertiger' alien resident. Wie witzig! Auf in ein neues, spannendes Leben! Besonderen Dank an TAD fuer den professionellen und persoenlichen Service. Wer weiss, ob es ohne sie so reibungslos funktioniert haette!'
Verena K. GreenCard Gewinnerin, Florida
Manuela S.
Hello, after applying for the Green Card Lottery for what seems like forever, I won! I plan to move to Florida and work in a school for the blind. I already have connections :) Thank you very much for the great help, The American Dream
Manuela S., Green Card winner from Friedberg, Germany
Manuela S.
Jan B.
A couple years ago, I heart about The American Dream and decided to participate in the GreenCard lottery. I have always dreamed about living and working in the US, but I never made the final step. But The American Dream has worked very professional and supportively and always encouraged me to try it again. Last year I finally received the winning notification and it was unbelievable. The time was perfect. And the bureaucracy was easy to handle with the great support of The American Dream. I now have the status of a Permanent Resident and live in California. I am very thankful that The American Dream helped me to realise my personal American dream.
Jan B., Green Card winner from Belmont, USA
Barbara Z.
Thank you, American Dream, for the first-class service and the great assistance. My dream to work in the USA becomes a reality. If it was fortune, destiny or what ever... I was in luck to win during the first lottery participance. Thank you very much and all the best to all other greencard participants.
Barbara Z., Green Card winner from Cologne, Germany
Barbara Z.
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